Conduct Your Own Fundraiser!

You can make an important difference in the lives of orphans in Israel. Support the Lev LaLev mission by planning, facilitating or hosting your own fundraiser.

The following ideas are only suggestions - Lev LaLev welcomes your own creative ideas for fundraising!


Bake Sale - Have friends bake and bring their favorite pastries, cakes and breads and sell them with proceeds to the Lev LaLev Fund

Chinese Auction - Ask local businesses and boutiques to donate items and  hold an event with a silent or live auction

Benefit Concert - Ask talented friends to perform or invite professional performers who may be willing to perform gratis to benefit the Lev LaLev Fund, with proceeds from tickets going to Lev LaLev

Sports Event or Tournement - Bike-a-thon, Tennis, Aerobics, Dance, Ergometer

Games and Sports Day - at your local Gym, charge entrance fee

Dinner Party - Host a dinner party at your home or at a donated hall and ask guests to make a donation equal to what they would have paid for a dinner at a local restaurant. Some restaurants may will be willing to make their facilities available for a fundraiser

Desert Party/Cocktail Party/Theme Party/Anniversary Party/Birthday Party - as guests to make a donation to the Lev LaLev Fund in lieu of gifts

Lecture/Discussion/Workshop Event - Invite friends to attend an evening or Sunday afternoon lecture on a topic of interest - spiritual, Torah study; self-improvement in marriage/childraising; health issues/prevention; interior design; writing workshop; current events; art workshop; book reading/discussion - Suggest a donation equal to what the information would cost if provided by a for-profit educational/recreational program

Ladies Night Out/Documentary/Movie Showing

Make and Sell Jewelry

Poker Games - Host a poker game for your friends with winnings going to the Lev LaLev Fund

To receive materials for distribution prior to or at events such as DVD’s, flyers, posters, brochures, photos, poster-boards/tripod stands, etc, please contact or call 845-367-7130 or 800-630-1106.

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